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Roland is involved with various projects, initiatives and organisations.

These associated fields of work relate to the arts, design and evidence based causes of long term wellbeing, enhancing quality of life, reducing depression, the positive establishment of identity and so forth... on individual as well as group/social levels of change.

Current activities include:

  • Art works, art projects
  • Murals, lazure and decorative panels 
  • Art facilitation and education.
  • Consultancy on evidence based, outcome centred 'human first, active community,  care / support models'
  • Consultancy on evidence based, outcome centred, Architecture and Interior Design. Creating Affective Theatres' that support wellbeing and ease life for community and team members. (this links directly to consultancy on care and support models, as both environment and method go hand in hand.)
  • Presentations and speaking engagements on these models of design & support, their evidence base and outcomes.
Roland F A McMorran

Roland is a director of:

(in development)

Metamorphosen gives consultancy, presentations and team training.

Our specialism is in wellbeing centred, outcomes focused and evidence based models of environment and support together.

The design consultancy side supports clients to understand both theoretically and practically how environments form an 'Affective Theatre', driving positive and negative outlook, alongside perceptions of choice and identity. The support model consultancy side gives thorough understanding of how days, half days, and experiences can be formed around a strong evidence base for activating the proven causes of long term wellbeing, positive identity formation and the measurable benefits these can bring.

 The consultancy service in it's entirety links the evidence and outcomes base of support model and environment to generate optimal changes in quality of life, sense of burden, depressive behaviors, positive social behavior, improved mood and positive engagement - helping people as well as the support team themselves remain and become optimally well for far longer - preventing and reducing the development of challenging behaviors and other 'symptoms' of 'languishing/poor long term wellbeing' most commonly found in elders, prisons, vulnerable housing, and care institutions both residential, clinical and other.

Architectonicus is a specialist Architects and Interior Design team. Focusing on approaches to architecture and interiors that enhance wellbeing, choice making, identity, and ease everyday life. We have developed a rich evidence base to support an outcomes focused, human, community and environment first approach to design. Our research base is unique and especially relevant to design for dementia, memory loss, vulnerable and social housing / community development.

good brain gang is a organisation creating Activity and Wellbeing Centres accessible for people living with memory loss and dementia.

The core daytime service is designed and structured to fill the day with enriching accessible and creative engagement. The model is designed and the team trained so that attendees experience a great day, but also benefit from an evidence based activity structure designed to enhance wellbeing, body image and identity development. In the long term this reduces falls, prevents and reduces the development of challenging behaviors, reduces depression, enhances quality of life, improves mood and positive outlook, improves quality of social interactions away from the center...

good brain gang also work with family and friends of people attending the center, supporting them to find good ways of working and livign at home as 'caregivers'. Involving them in the life of the Activity & Wellbeing Centre and helping them to achieve good outcomes too

Further, we will also be running evening and weekend events on a range of topics and activities offered to be of benefit where we are able as a hub for long term wellbeing, education and support.

Roland has also created Rawkataya as a medium for arts, publishing and wellbeing projects:

Rawkataya is Roland's medium for arts, publishing and wellbeing projects. Such as commissions / Lazure / decorative panels / murals / exhibitions / publishing / arts projects / arts facilitation or education / creativity linked - well-being centered projects

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