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Roland F A McMorran is an artist & arts facilitator. He is also passionately creative about enhancing life through development of new socially engaged projects.

He is also involved in pioneering transformative approaches to mental health, dementia, community and residential 'care-giving/support' systems and environments. The new approach is developed from a practical and theoretical evidence base. Called a 'Human First, Active Community Model' it is wellbeing centred, and designed with definable tools to create a measurable positive psycho-social effect.

To best, and most powerfully, achieve outcomes this definable, practical, model of support is seamlessly combined with a specially designed physical environment. This environment, developed with Architectonicus forms the 'Affective Theatreā„¢' which, again through a definable evidence based approach, acts as a catalyst to positive engagement, enhanced quality of life and a springboard to enhanced long term positive outlook.

Together the model and accompanying environment can help combat depression, enhance positive social engagement, develop positive and growing expressions of identity, improve quality of life, and make working in 'care' / 'volunteer' / 'support giver' roles exciting, empowering, creative and life enhancing - as they should be.


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