Metamorphosen is a specialist consultant for enhancing and re-invigorating wellbeing of staff team members, management, and the people an organisation and place is designed to support.

Applying theoretical and practical evidence bases stemming from projects around the world, positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive bias, relationship theory and much more.

We serve day and residential care as well as social care organisations, also housing, the educational and corporate sectors.
We work with any organisation that treasures the wellbeing of its team and customers.

Wellbeing has two facets, environment and people.

Metamorphosen is able to act as consultant on modern approaches to architectural and interior design for wellbeing to company leads and architects.

We are able to work with management and/or train teams and leaders to enhance understanding of the causes of wellbeing, and reducers of stress, build these into services, management, team behaviors, and your company.

We have developed a unique, award winning flexible framework for environmental design, support/team behavior model and management.

These are Chi™ & AriaDiCasa™
Trainable, repeatable, evidence based. One for Management and Staff Team, the other for Environmental Design. The two models are focused on the productivity, health and positive experience based outcomes of enhancing wellbeing and reducing stressors.

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